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Did you know that you came here as the holder of

the light,

the embodiment of

eternal love?

It is not an accident that you are here in the midst of this Aeon change we are going through.

We are calling it

the shift to the fifth dimension,

and we know that it is a galactic shift and everything in the galaxy is experiencing this vibrational shift and the ensuing changes.

Welcome to this extraordinary time, dearest one.

Your gifts and skills and abilities are needed. We, all of us, need you. Yes, I am speaking directly

to you.

You know and feel the recognition of truth as you read this.

I cannot emphasize this enough; you are not an accident or an afterthought or any kind of mistake.

Your spiritual agreement is to be here now, to bring to Life the 


that you have to the world.

When we remember who we are,

our lives change,

everything changes.

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Remember Who You Are

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