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Pay in Full $2999
12 Payments $300
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Everything you need lives within you. The time has come to claim who you are and to rise up in power!


Anointed Crowned Enthroned is a 12 month journey where we release the energetics that block you from reconnecting to your true source of deep self trust.

Anointed Crowned Enthroned

gives you the tools you need to unlock the power that has been on lock-down.

Sovereign: Anointed Crowned Enthroned  is a virtual program designed to reconnect women to their Divine Source.  Based on the ancient mystery schools. This course assists women in re-aligning their body, mind and siprit awakening a deep sense of self trust. Through deep introspection, clearing, cleansing and re-aligning with true Source, women can heal and empower themselves like never before.

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Book Now:

Pay in Full $2999
12 Payments $300
If you have been feeling afraid or not quite sure of your guidance anymore, you are not alone. 

Many of us are hearing the call from the collective female (Mother Earth/Gaia) to reconnect to the power that is your source… to awaken the ability to stand on our own two feet!  This power is embedded within our cells, just waiting to be activated.  But most of us have forgotten it even exists.​​​



  • What if you knew you could not fail?  Would you reclaim your sovereignty over your body, mind and spirit?

  • What if you knew you had support?  Would you reconnect to the security of your sweet Divine Spirit?

  • What if you knew there were others like you that would be there with you?  Would you re-ignite the passion of your soul?


Sovereign: Anointed Crowned Enthroned  teaches you safe and simple practices that empower you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

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This experience can help you:​


  • Begin each cycle with a clean slate, a new perspective and an empowered state of mind and body.

  • Harness energy of the elemental forces to empower your vision…

  • Activate your Gifts and Live your Vision…

  • Uncover unconscious belief systems that have been holding you back and help you move them out of your body all the way down to the cellular level.

  • Source your body appropriately so you are energized and empowered to move forward on your next step.

  • Feel strong, powerful, capable and confident in the future because you feel this way about yourself.

If you are ready to move forward into your dreams…​
If you are ready to dive deeply into yourself and find your gold…​
If you are ready to learn how to use simple tools, including flower essences, essential oils, diet, and movement to raise your vibration, elevate your mood, move emotional blocks that keep you from moving forward…
​If you are ready to spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally renew, restore, and replenish your body and your life…​

Sovereign: Anointed Crowned Enthroned


All session are recorded and sent to you for repeated viewing!​​​

What you receive:


  • One 90 minute Zoom session with me monthly for a year;

  • One long distance energetic healing sessions with me monthly to support you in the energetic changes you are instigating;

  • Home practices designed to connect you deeper to your body, activate your womb wisdom and awaken your sovereignty.

Book Now:

Pay in Full $2999
12 Payments $300
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